Blue Moon

This country has my heart. I am up in the North of the country surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and beaches I have ever seen. We had our midprogram retreat at a hostel set up in the mountains, my version of paradise. We had the whole place to ourselves and I spent most of the day in and around the pool or in my hammock.There was a distant view of the Atlantic Ocean and 360 degrees of Dominican countryside. Blue Moon was built as a yoga retreat with one of the most eclectic styles I have ever seen. We were treated to an authentic Indian dinner sitting on mats underthe cabana and eating off banana leaves. It was one of the most special nights we have had in this country since rarely does the whole group eat together since we all live in different homes. The original plan was to spend three days working on research questions, but plans changes. There was a countrywide transportation stike for public transportation drivers who are angry about the rising gas prices and not getting payed more. It was too dangerous to be out on the roads, so we all had the pleasure of being held captive in one of the most relaxing and beautiful places I have ever stayed.

The day before the stike, I went to Cabarete for the afternoon. Made famous by windfurfing, kiteboarders come from all over the world to take advantage of the beaches consistent winds. I was mesmerized by the way they surf across the water. From a distance, a mass of them look like a flock of birds swooping sown to feed in the water. Ít was a touristy area, but a great little beach town none the less. The town also harbors a network of underground caves, and we spent an afternoon sitting in perfectly still crystal clear pools of water. The cave formations are tragically damaged, but the caves just add one more dimension to the diversity of this country. More to come on my campo homestay, five days living with a family in the country. Take care!

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